Thursday, February 7, 2008


poetry of the heart

Indelible impressions
of a dreamlike past
carved an endless intricate maze

A Labyrinth of emotions
infused in sheer ecstasy
entwined with tremendous anguish

Reflections of a barefaced consciousness
of ever changing patterns
so achingly complex


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Monday, December 17, 2007


For aeons pain ruled my being
fueling my senses with anger
contempt gathering around me
vengeance flowing through my veins

gnashing teeth of deception
scheming claws of betrayal
formidable, heartless, bloodthirsty
hardened my very core within

Yet beyond my world of torment
battle-scarred memories slowly fade
changing life's acrid landscape
flickering flames near its end

blazing pain finally ebbed
a calm after a tempest storm
a soul unleashed from vicious chains
of a turbulent august gale journey

finally...i am free


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Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Heart's Journey

Basked in the warmth
of loving whispers
cradled in the arms of passion
a heart vibrantly alive

Aglow in its radiance
shimmering in its glory
magical in its countenance
a heart ardently beating

Unexpected recipe for madness
slowly brewing a heartache
A cloud of betrayal looms
a heart in torment

Darkness spreading its fury
feverish, restless, unforgiving
raging storm of emotions
a heart in grief

~ enchantrezz ~

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Thursday, November 15, 2007


stranded in a bottomless pit of darkness
blinded by glaring lights of madness
a life numbed with ghastly coldness

trapped in the walls of quiet desperation
my heart a chamber of tangled emotion
incalculable pain laced with potent poison

stone deaf with the thundering silence
dissipated my soul's essence
a nomad's journey to tragic existence

~ enchantrezz ~

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dream Reverie

Lost in the shadows of a dream
subdued lights barely illuminate
remnants of a tumultuous past
intrudes my soul, you linger

Quivering lips cry a muted scream
abysmal misery nothing can abate
oblivious of a plea fervently cast
drowning words, unspoken forever

Tears fell in unstoppable stream
echoes of you incessantly resonate
a sea of memory incredibly vast
dream reverie never to remember

~ enchantrezz ~

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Engulfed in a cloud of magical mist
languid moments stirred my senses
beyond trails of soft swaying blooms
obscured a portal of secrets

Beckoning passion I can't resist
shattering the walls of my defenses
willingly tread the crevice of doom
a clandestine life bereft of regrets

~ enchantrezz ~

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Monday, October 22, 2007


Deep from the ocean of memories
lies a time of precious secrets
emerging slowly from the depths

Cloaked in total obscurity
gentle autumn winds paved a memory
ignited a distant life of past glory

Beyond the mist of timeless passion
is a heart nudged by surge of emotion
by a web of unspoken connection

Lost soul remembering achingly
lips hushed in sweet melancholy
of moments wrapped in words spoken lovingly

~ enchantrezz ~

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Like a Moth to a Flame

Temptation abounds
Like a moth to a flame
the scent of seduction
inviting and blinding

wine in hand, hazy thoughts
deprived soul one must tame
eyes glow in eager anticipation
yearning and yielding

soft sighs, a sweet caress
a new heart beyond shame
moments of sheer perfection
fulfilling and quenching

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Eyes Downcast

Life seems so unfair and so is loving. I was dazed and sleepless since that fateful night. I always cringe with total desperation every time I remember. Perhaps I need a walk to leave the bitter memories that's haunting me behind.

I'm quietly hoping that somehow it will give me some clarity of mind, maybe even dissipate the turmoil brewing in my heart. I took that much needed walk with haste but as I turned, the path led me to a downhill slope, and as if on cue, my heart did the same.

Fragments of the past riddled my heart with pain. I realized, I can never face this world strip naked of all happiness, dignity and love. How can love destroy a soul and at the same time touch the life of another offering joy to utmost perfection?

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Nocturnal Desires

Amber eyes half closed
masks the burning flame of desire
hidden nocturnal passion
aching, needing and wanting

Parch from the long wait
ebb this insatiable need
desire flames my core
rock my world, come shake my soul

Cure the sting, break the ice
Bring this cold heart to life
summon the sleeping goddess
ignite my fire with your kisses

~ enchantrezz ~

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Broken Moments

A wisp of cool breeze came through my open window, and a faint sound of distant laughter filled my senses. I stared blankly into nothingness as my thoughts swirled me back in time.

My life as I remember were laden with naughty nothings, gentle caresses, promising dreams, and loving whispers. Everything around me back then seemed perfect, it breathed an air of ethereal timelessness. How can I stay here forever? I wonder.
Life indeed has its moments... Tumultuous and serene. Moments that readily shift our lives in a heartbeat. Casting endless enchantments, weaving a web of endearing times of love, and of exhilarating passion.

One moment I held HAPPINESS in my heart then CHANGE came too swiftly for my sanity. Like a thief in the night, it came in silence; like a storm it unleashed its raging winds, and torrential rain. It brought, pain that ravaged deeply into the recesses of my being.

A rocky path was shoved before me where 'turbulent journey' was the name of the cruel game. Silent tears, my broken spirit, and my messed up heart kept me company. It was the moment of truth, my harsh reality.

As the sun slowly settled down the bleak horizon, hot tears endlessly welled from my eyes. Perhaps in my journey the morrow will somehow abate this harrowing heartache; maybe it will finally bring me answers that have eluded me for so long.

Until then, I am hurting... I am waiting...

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Gray Aftermath

Breathe in...breathe out...
am I still alive?
Why am I'm devoid of all emotions
like a cold statue in the moonless night

Disillusioned, numb, and lifeless
eyes dead in total darkness
love strayed and love's gone
our entwined hearts now undone.

Poignant sighs escaped my breath
my soul wounded and desolate
welcomes the elusive arms
of the gray shadows of death

~ enchantrezz ~

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rain and Gloom

The pounding rythm of the rain suddenly woke me from my seemingly dreamless sleep. Dark clouds hovering the skies just mirrored the rising pain in my heart. Then familiar waves of raw emotions again enveloped my whole being.
Rainy days like this evoke a lot of memories; memories of joy and heartbreaks. It forcibly reminds me of my own limitations, giving way to hidden tears of silent desolation.

I yearn to shield myself from this poison called sadness, and hide excruciating bursts of unwanted emotions. Reality becomes my enemy, it denies me momentary escape from the harsh truths of my life's tragedies.

Each passing day hold no meaning for me. Every passing second seemingly blurs my life into oblivion.

I tremble,
I long,
I ache.

Life hurts. Living is scary. Love is the culprit.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Life seems to pass me by
as the waves of grief kissed the beach of life
how can I possibly survive
in the sea of ambiguity and lies

Lost in its vastness
my heart died a thousand deaths
I can no longer take one more breath
of this deathly air of misery and betrayal.

~ enchantrezz ~

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Life's Tapestries

Life. Love. Faith. Dreams. Passion. Secrets. Pain. Time.

Life constantly weaves tapestries of immense moments of joy, and of great sorrow.

It is woven intricately from those we love and from those who left indelible marks upon our lives.

Varied patterns are formed from threads of painful experiences intermingled with shining strands of miracles, adventures, and dreams.

We weave together strong tapestries to conquer the complex maze of our lives.
We are all forever connected.
We are ONE.

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